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I recently started a new home based business that requires quite a bit of printing. As I am just starting out, I am not making a ton of money with it yet. So, I wanted to find a printer that I could purchase on a low budget, but that would be able to handle the work load.  After asking around I got several recommendations, but one stood out. I decided to share with you all: My super affordable Brother HL-L2390dw Printer review.

Inkjet vs Laser


I was warned early on against getting an inkjet printer for a high usage home business, so I steered clear of them right away.

Inkjets use ink, whereas Laser printers use toner. You have to replace the ink more often, and also it can dry up if you have a lull in production.

(If you want to read more about inkjets for some reason here is the wikipedia link)brother-printer-box

Cost of Refills

You get way more bang for your buck with a laser printer. You can get a lower yield 1200 page toner cartridge for around $25-$50, or a higher yield 3000 page replacement cartridge for around $70-$80. The link below shows the current prices for the different options.

I looked at a lot of different options, and this was by far the most cost efficient way that I found.

Color vs Black and White

I am only printing black and white paperwork for the business. I thought about getting a color printer so that I could print fun stuff, like pictures, for myself when I wanted. After some investigation though, I found this to be a bad idea for what I was trying to accomplish.

I just need to print a lot of black and white, so no point in wasting money on a color printer that wont help me accomplish my end goal of making money. If you are just needing black and white too, then this is the way to go. This printer is specialized for the black and white home office!

If you do need a color printer for work, then there are totally options for you. It might not be quite as inexpensive as this printer, but there are still viable choices.

Home Business Printer Pricebrother-l2390

I really looked at a lot of printers before choosing this one. However, I ended up going with the Brother L2390 because it was made to do what I needed, people recommended it, and it had the right price.

Before getting this printer, I spoke with a few other people who also have Brother printers for their work-from home businesses. They have different models than the one I ended up purchasing, but everyone has said nothing but praises about their Brother printers. That is why I looked at Brother to begin with.

I ended up buying the least expensive version. No fancy display, only black and white printing, and no fax machine, but it does what I need, and it does it well. They do have some other models, including color models that are still laser printers. I will post some of their options here:

2 Sided (Duplex) Printing Option

One thing that is really great about this printer is the ability to do 2-sided printing. It really saves on paper cost!

It is really incredible that this machine does the 2-sided printing. I have no idea how it works in there, but it comes out exactly right every time. I don’t know if it magically flips it, or actually is able to print from both directions. All I know is that it’s fast, it works, and it saves me money.

Wi-Fi Capatible

This is my first Wi-Fi capatible printer. It is great. One less wire to have strung across the desk (or room).

Ease of Useprinter-display

Once you have the printer set up (it takes several minutes to download) it is really easy to connect it to your wi-fi. You basically just push a button, wait a minute, and push another button. It’s that easy.

I upgraded to a new router (modem) a few weeks ago, and had to reconnect the printer to the new signal. Not a big deal at all.

Multiple Devices

The really great thing about the wi-fi ability is that any, or all of your devices can print from anywhere in the house. Comes in very handy.


It also has a scanner. I love scanners. Always have. I don’t really have much of a reason to use it most of the time, but it is nice to have for when I do.

Brother L2390 Printer Recap

I am positively happy with this printer. It works great. The print is solid and clean, it is fast, and easy to use. I have had it for a few months now and haven’t a single issue with it. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I am so glad I went with this brand. I really feel like I got a great deal too. The crazy thing is, I had never even heard of the Brother brand until other people in my business told me about them. And I am so glad they did. I basically bought the least expensive laser printer they offer, and I could not be happier!

I hope you love yours too…I know you will though. If have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know. I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading. Talk to you again soon.




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