Do Magnetic Copper Bracelets/Anklets Really Work?

I have had ankle problems for 30 years. I have really painful arthritis in my right ankle. After my last meeting with the orthopedic doctor I wasn’t feeling to positive about the future of my ankle. I decided to start trying everything I could think of…different braces, specialized shoes, etc, and now, this bracelet. I have seen copper and magnet things on TV for years, and always thought it was probably some kind of scam.

Magic Magnetic Copper Bracelet??

I received this Feraco Magnetic Copper Anklet bracelet yesterday. I started to feel something with in a very short time last night. But then to my surprise I woke up with the lowest level of pain I have had in forever. I can’t even remember my ankle feeling this well. I mean it still hurts, but the difference is undeniable. I am very anxious to see how it goes over the next few days and weeks. I am really excited about it.

Even if it only gives me short term relief, it has already been totally worth it. I got up this morning and walked to the bathroom without limping! Unbelievable really! I am still a little skeptical about this continuing, but we shall see. I definitely would recommend at least giving this a try to anyone with ankle pain.

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Size Matters

The only complaint I have about this item is that it barely fit me. My ankle is permanently swollen from all the trauma my ankle has gone through. If it was one link shorter it would not have fit. So if you have big swollen ankles you might want to get the men’s size. They do offer to send you more links if you contact them. It comes with tools to remove links if necessary also.

I did not even expect this anklet to do anything, so as you can imagine I am pretty shocked right now.

Two Weeks Later

After two weeks, the magic continued!


I had gone walking in the park a few times. Partied with my friends, standing for long periods of time. Played Cornhole, on uneven ground. All things that would have normally caused me a ton of pain. It’s like I was normal for the first time!

However, I got over confident…In my bliss I lost sight of reality. I absolutely know I cannot squat down for even 30 seconds without serious pain ensuing. But since I was like almost pain free for so long, I apparently forgot the basic rules.

About three minutes into squatting in an effort to deep clean my lower kitchen cabinets, reality came rushing back in. I felt the tell-tale twinge of pain I should have avoided at all costs. I immediately stood up and wanted to punch myself in the face for being so stupid.

Within hours the pain had gotten much worse. After resting overnight, the next morning it was a little better. Then again, I joke you not, I caught myself later in the day squatting, again, to clean something that had spilled in the kitchen!

This second squat of stupidity really set it off. I was back to full fledged pain by the next day.

Lesson Learned…It Has Its Limits

As pissed off as I am that I brought the pain back upon myself, I am still so extremely grateful for the 2 weeks of insane relief I had.

My ankle swelled up again pretty bad, so I had to take it off. I’m gonna give it some time and then put the bracelet back on, and hope for 2nd miracle.

Magnetic Copper Anklet Worked For Me!

In the end, I would recommend trying the bracelet/anklet to you, or anyone you know with arthritic pain. It


may not work for everyone, but it is totally worth giving it a try. It may work for you like it did for me.

Just learn from my mistakes, and remember that you are not suddenly invincible!

I will put a link on here to the one I bought on amazon. I left the anklet on 24/7. In the shower, swimming, and everything. I am not a medical professional or anything, but if you use the bracelet for wrist pain, you might want to take it off at night. Seems weird to sleep with a magnet that close to your face.




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