Fourth of July Party Favors- Beer and BBQ

Fourth of July Party Favors

Well, it’s that time of year where we Americans get to show our patriotism by grilling meat, having drinks with family and friends, and of course, lighting explosives! Gotta love it! Definitely one of the best holidays. It is so awesome how neighbors all come out into the streets and join together in the festivities. Since I am feeling so inspired by the approaching Independence Day, I thought I would post some awesome Beer and BBQ themed 4th of July Party Favors ideas that are guaranteed to help bring out the patriotism in all of us.


Here are some fun ways to spruce up your favorite beer! I really like the fanny pack with the beer holder. I also added the “I Pee in Pools” coolie, because I am warped and I think it’s funny.  Again with my particular brand of humor, I included the “Everyone Poops” coozie. Just seems like a good day for all Americans to put aside their differences and party (or poop) together!

I have been to a lot of 4th of July parties over the years that had kegs. In that case you may need some flashy cups for your guests to tap into, or you may be more of a mixed drink or wine type person. Or maybe you want to mix it up with some blended frozen drinks to cool down. Here are some good options these types of parties and party goers…



Here are some ideas to spruce up your BBQ. A nice Red, White, and Blue apron will look nice for all those 4th of July BBQ pictures, lol. And I just had to throw in the chick on the bald eagle…too funny! The elastic picnic table covers are also super awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to duct tape my beautiful tablecloth, because it kept blowing all over the place.

If you are still needing a grill to fulfill your summer time BBQ dreams you should check out my Best Charcoal Grill Reviews. I did a three part review covering the Best Basic Charcoal Grills, Fun and Unique Style Grills, and an article on my pick for the Best High-end Grill.

Spoiler Alert- Best BBQ Grill

My personal favorite grill, overall, is one I have had for years. I actually recently owned 5 grills at the same time, until I recently sold a couple of them. They all have different attributes, but when it comes down to it, one stands out as my favorite, all-around, can’t live without it, charcoal grill… Americana the Swinger!

Click Picture for Current Pricing Info

You can read all about it in comparison to other charcoal grills in my Best Charcoal Grills- Back to Basics article, but here is the gist of it. This grill is really just pretty perfect.  It has easily adjustable rack height (so much better than stationary) and a removable ash pan (makes clean up a breeze!). It has a side table on each side (to hold food, plates, and tools, etc), and the side tables also easily fold down, making this super simple to move around or take somewhere. I also prefer the square shape, as opposed to a round Weber type grill. It makes it easier to move items on and off the heat.

It may not be the most lavish grill you have ever seen, but I need a grill that makes it easy for me to cook the best food possible. And that is what this grill does. It is totally affordable, and really, the best grill I have ever owned. You can click on the picture of it above for a link to it, and check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it!

I hope this article was helpful and fun! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know. I would love to hear from you and I will get back to you asap. I hope you have a wonderfully awesome 4th of July!



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