Hot Sauce Review- Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Gold Hot Sauce

Uncle Dougies Hot Sauce

Continuing on with my ultimate mission to find the perfect hot sauce for every meal, I recently came upon a brand of hot sauce I had never tried before. It is called Uncle Dougie’s Hot Sauce. I was really intrigued by their style and all natural ingredients. So, I decided to make a purchase and do a hot sauce review of Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Gold Hot Sauce.

Uncle Dougie’s


I thought I would do a little research about the Uncle Dougie’s company. I really enjoy knowing the history behind products and what inspired them…especially when it come to hot sauce. I learned that Uncle Dougie’s brand was started by Doug Tomek (Uncle Dougie) back in 1989 in rural Illinois.

According to their website (, their now extensive line of sauces, began with Doug Tomek’s desire to make a healthier version of buffalo wings. This led to the creation of his first sauce- Uncle Dougie’s Wicked Good No-Fry Wing Marinade.Buffalo Wings

The success of his first creation led to a brand that has now has award winning BBQ Sauces, Rubs, Bloody Mary Mixes, and of course Hot Sauces.

All Natural Ingredients

One thing that really makes Uncle Dougie’s Sauces stand out is the ingredients. As his biography reports, his original goal with his No-Fry Wing Sauce, was to create something delicious with all natural ingredients that was not as fattening as typical wing sauces. And to make a sauce that was so good that the wings didn’t need to be deep fried in oil to be filled with awesome flavor.

He went on this all natural, health conscience endeavor back in 1989, far before the popularity of that trend today. He wanted to make something yummy and healthy for his friends and family, and ended up coming up with something for the whole world to enjoy.

They are proud to say, to this day, that all of Uncle Dougie’s products are 100% all natural, with his “No Crap” guarantee.

Habanero Gold One-Hit Hot Sauce

My Choice

As you all know, I have tons of hot sauce in my collection at all times, and I am always adding new flavors, styles, and brands. I came across Uncle Dougie’s while visiting a health oriented grocery store in a town about an hour away from where I live.Hot Sauce Aisle

We were there for other reasons, but decided to drop in and check out this store’s hot sauce section, because I knew they carried a lot of items I don’t typically find. It is always exciting to walk down my favorite aisle in a store like that!

Seeing all those condiments lined up so perfectly. Imagining all the unexplored flavors that are in front of me, begging me to take them home and taste them. It is glorious indeed!

As many of you may know, hot sauces (and BBQ sauces, rubs, and marinades) can get quite pricey. Believe me, that is the only reason that I haven’t tasted every sauce that I have ever set eyes on. But since, I am not wealthy enough to spend hundreds of dollars at a time on condiments, I have to pick and choose which new flavor I would like to try.

Since this grocery adventure was unplanned, I decided just to get one new bottle of hot sauce. When you have 50+ potentially awesome hot sauces staring you in the face that you have never tried it is so amazingly hard to pick one to take home with you.

After perusing the choices and reading labels for about 20 or 30 minutes, I finally made my choice. I went with Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Gold One-Hit Hot Sauce.

Price and Flavor

There are a few reasons I ended up settling on this particular hot sauce for my purchase on that trip to the store. I had narrowed it down to three or four that sounded really interesting to me. But when it came down to it, I chose Uncle Dougie’s Habanero because of price and flavor profile.Uncle Dougies Hot Sauce

I was on a bit of a budget that day and wanted to try to keep my choice under $10, which can be hard to do in the hot sauce world. And often times, as with many things in this world, you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong, I have scored big time on some super cheap hot sauces, but for the most part, the higher priced varieties have been the most impressive.

Due to Uncle Dougie’s sauces being so reasonably priced in the 5 to 7 dollar range they jumped into the lead for my selection that day. Then I needed to decide which of their hot sauces I wanted to try first.

I have quite a few habanero hot sauces in my collection, but this one was different. Although it is called a Habanero Hot Sauce, I saw that on the label the first ingredient listed is Mustard. Which, I am sure, is what accounts for much of its yellow-orange color (plus habaneros are usually orange also).

Uncle Dougies Habanero GoldAt the time of this purchase I did not have any mustard base hot sauces, so I was intrigued and thought it would be a great addition to my hot sauce arsenal.

The full ingredient list includes: Mustard (Distilled Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Paprika), Habanero Peppers (8%), Chipotle Peppers (2%), Garlic

That all the ingredients…Totally Natural and Simple. Sounds Great!

Taste Test

When I got home I was super excited to give my new sauce a try. Disappointingly, I must say, at first taste, I was a little put off by it for a couple reasons.

Because the bottle was completely full in the store (which is good of course), I was unable to accurately examine the consistency of the sauce. To my surprise it was much runnier than I had expected. It is thicker than water, but overall pretty liquid in comparison to most hot sauces.

I guess this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it hard to use in smaller quantities. Also, I often like to put a dollop of several hot sauces on my plate when I eat a meal, so that I can dip my bites into a few different hot sauces. That is hard to do if you have one hot sauce running all over your plate. But, I bought this sauce because it was different than many of my others, so it was just now unique in even one more way.

The other thing that was my favorite about this sauce was the overwhelming mustard flavor. Yes, I know, I bought a sauce that’s first listed ingredient is mustard. However, it is called Habanero Gold. I think “Mustard Habanero” would be a more accurate description.

In all honesty, I think the “habanero” could be dropped off the label all together. It is more like a mustard juice. Very little spice, if any at all. Which is bazaar. Eight percent habanero should make it plenty spicy for me, but the heat just seems to be missing.

What Foods it Tastes Best On

Some experimentation was in order to find the best way to highlight this “hot” sauce. I decided, due to its mustardy flavor, that it might be good on a hamburger. So, a few days later, I thought I would give this idea a go and make some hamburgers.Hamburger Patties

Inspired by In and Out’s animal style burger, I pattied up some hamburger and doused them with Uncle Dougie’s. Then I fried the burgers on our counter-top griddle. The burgers came out really delicious. If I didn’t know that I had used the hot sauce on them, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell it was on there, but no doubt ti added to these truly awesome burgers.

I don’t know that I would go out of my way to buy this sauce to make hamburgers, but if you happen to all ready have a bottle of Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Gold One-Hit Hot Sauce, I would definitely recommend using it in this way.

I have now also tried it on hot dogs and steak. I found it too runny for hot dogs (you could fry them in it like the burgers though), and it was way to much mustard flavor for a steak.

As I am typing this it dawned on me that it might be a great substitute for the mustard in a potato salad or deviled eggs. I will try that soon, and add my findings to this article later. Since potato salad and deviled eggs have a milder flavor than a typical burger, it may help the tiny bit of heat in the sauce stand out a little more.

Other Flavors

Uncle Dougie’s does offer several other flavors and styles of condiments that I would totally try. Even if the one I chose wasn’t my favorite, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding some other condiment that I would adore.

On their website they offer 2 other styles of hot sauce, including a Cayenne and a Chipotle variety. They also have 6 other sauces, including: Sriracha, an Asian inspired sauce, Ketchup, 2 kinds of BBQ sauce, and their original No-Fry Wing Sauce. And they have 3 kinds of dry rubs, and 3 varieties of Bloody Mary mix.

Hot Sauce Review…In Review

Overall Rating: D+

Although I wasn’t too impressed with this hot sauce, I did appreciate its unique style and natural ingredients. I would still love to try the other sauces the offer.

On their website the have some fun mix and match combo packs that are very reasonably priced. Sometime in the future I may buy one of these to give them another chance. I would especially like to try the Wing Sauce that gave the company its start.Hot Sauce Review

I always like to support companies that use all natural ingredients and that have humble beginnings. I also really appreciate the price point on their products. It will keep me coming back to give them another try.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend the Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Gold One-Hit Hot Sauce. But I am glad I tried it. I always love to taste something new and check another hot sauce off my list in my endeavor to find the best hot sauces ever made.

Feel free to check out my Hot Sauce Shop, loaded with hot sauces that I do recommend. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Please free to leave me a comment below or through my contact form.


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