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Updated Regularly- Last update Feb 1, 2021

To make it easier for all my readers to find, compare, and shop for the hot sauces I mention on my website I made this page. I will refer to it as my Hot Sauce Shop and I will link my other posts to here for easy reference.

Although my goal is to offer a complete list here of all the hot sauces I mention I have found that it may not actually be possible. I will provide as comprehensive of a gallery as I possibly can.

If you do not see a sauce here that I previously mentioned you can actually just click on any of the hot sauces below and enter the name of the one you were looking for in the amazon search bar and it should pop right up.

A few of the hot sauces that I currently have and use may not sadly not be available on amazon, but I will be trying to find out how to buy them online in some other way. I will update as I find a better way to purchase them.

Also, some of them are only available in variety packs…which is actually an awesome way to try new flavors. I plan to get some of these myself!  I will also add to this page as I buy and talk about new hot sauces that I discover.

Other Things I Recommend (that aren’t Hot Sauce)

I often mention using Hot Pepper Dust in my recipes. Here are a few selections you can try. These are the purest pepper dusts I could find. I do not like using any that have sugar in them so that they blend in well with my savory recipes. You will see I have also added some of my other favorite seasonings and kitchen tools that I just could not live without.

When doing any grilling I try to use a charcoal chimney and light my coals with paper instead of lighter fluid. Lighter fluid works in a pinch, but I recommend this more natural way of getting the coals going. You can click below or on the picture above to get one for yourself.







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Written by: Jamie
Updated: Feb 1, 2021


4 Comments on “Hot Sauce Shop”

  1. You actually have all those hot sauces in your kitchen!!!? Amazing! My fiance loves hot sauce–he has to add that or some other intense seasoning to everything. I will share this with him so he can see all the varieties in one place! Thanks for putting in the research and sharing it!

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have pretty much all those hot sauces, plus quite a few more that I couldn’t find links for. Glad you found my site, I hope your fiance enjoys it! If he has any suggestions let me know. If he is looking for some really hot he should check out my Top Ten Hottest Chili Peppers article. In it I suggest some great super spicy sauces with great flavor that use the hottest peppers in the world in them.

      1. You might want to try All Spice Cafe hot sauce. You can get it on Amazon. It comes in 3 flavors Caribbean Spice, Chipotle Garlic, and Habanero. Organic, gluten free great flavors !

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