My Hot Sauce Mission

Anaheim Peppers

The sauce that I seek will be delicious but not overpowering. Spicy but not tongue scaldingly hot. For the most part, not too smokey or sweet.  Looking for those perfectly balanced additions to compliment delicious food.  As I try new sauces and revisit old ones I will let you know how they pair up with each food. Please feel free to share your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions. I hope for us all to benefit from this menu of hot sauces– including myself.

2 Comments on “My Hot Sauce Mission”

  1. Thanks Jenny for your post! Green sauces can sure be tasty and usually a little on the milder side, which a lot of people prefer. I have actually also been recently seeking out some yummy green sauces, but I have been finding it harder than I expected. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them, and as I come across good green options I will post them too.

  2. I too am a fan of hot sauce. My favorite is trying different types of green flavors. I look forward to finding out how the different food pairings are going. Sauce you later.

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