Oster Roaster Oven Review- Save Space and Time

Oster Roaster Oven Review

Ah, the Holidays…We all love the good times with friends and family and of course the great food! For years I faced the battle of trying to get all our favorite Holiday dishes done about the same time. Of course, this takes a little planning and forethought, but the toughest part is that the turkey basically takes up the whole oven for most of the day.

In an effort to combat this frustrating situation we decided to try something different to save that precious oven space. A Countertop Roaster Oven seemed like the perfect solution! So, today I will share with you my Oster Roaster Oven Review.

To Buy or Not to Buy

For a brief moment I was a bit hesitant about buying a kitchen appliance that we would most likely only use once or twice a year, but we went for it anyways, and I am so glad we did. What a great purchase! We ended up going with the 22-quart Oster Roaster Oven (it can cook up to a 26 pound turkey, but we usually make a 14-16 pounder), and we have had ours now for 3 years, and boy oh boy, it has made a huge difference!To Buy or Not to Buy

Thanksgiving was a couple days ago, and once again the roaster oven made the adventure of cooking a giant meal so much easier. For many years I would get up and put my turkey in at the crack of dawn so that it would be ready in the early afternoon. I would pull it out every once in a while, peel back the foil and baste. Each time risking dropping the heavy turkey or spilling its precious juices out of the overly flexible disposable aluminum roasting pan. To me that fear and difficulty was just part of the tradition, but now I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

While enjoying the ease of the roaster oven, I realized I should post a review for all of you so that you too can experience how much simpler cooking your holiday meal can be.

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Pros of the Oster Roaster Oven

Saves Precious Oven Space

Saving space, is of course, the major reason for getting a roasting oven in my opinion.  I don’t know about you, but we have quite a few items that need to get into the oven at pretty much the same time.

Between the Pies, Yams, Rolls, and of course, my super delicious secret recipe Green Bean Casserole, oven space is a much needed commodity. Cooking the turkey in the roaster oven, makes all of this timing and space management very simple and so much less stressful!

Cooking Time

As I mentioned before, I used to get up super early, before anyone else, to get that Turkey going. I may have been doing something wrong, but it always took like 8 hours for that bird to get done. I know taking it in and out to baste increases cooking time, but still…it took forever. It usually came out super delicious, but it was quite a long ordeal.Relaxing

In comparison, this year, I still got up early because I was so excited for the day, but I didn’t have to start cooking right away. Instead I leisurely made a pot of coffee, played on the computer, did some last minute kitchen clean up and organizing, turned on the Today Show and chilled. I was able to do this, because it only takes about 2 1/2 to cook the turkey now instead of nearly all day! Which brings me to the next awesome thing about the roaster oven…


Just like a Crockpot, once you start cooking in the roaster, you do not want to take the lid off, or all the heat escapes. The Oster Roaster Oven touts itself as  being self-basting, and I cannot say otherwise. The turkey comes out moist and delicious, so it must be doing something right.  Not having to take the turkey in and out of the oven to baste is really relaxing. If you can’t handle not checking on it as it goes, and you ignore the rules and decide to baste anyways (as I have done in years past), it is much, much easier to baste with it sitting on a tabletop. No pulling it out of the oven and balancing this giant bird with oven mitts and hot turkey juice. Just lift the lid and baste! Really couldn’t be any easier, but it will let the heat out, so try to resist the urge if you can.

Low Price

I know people who have installed a second oven i their kitchen to accomplish what this countertop roaster does. That is crazy to me. I mean, yes, if you cook giant meals all the time, then by all means get a double oven. But for the rest of us that is just un-doable and not to mention overkill.

A much better option is this space saving, time freeing, stress relieving appliance, that is also super inexpensive. And, of course, there are fancier, more high tech brands out there, with higher price tags, but this low cost roaster oven does everything I need it to do without spending much at all.

Oster Roaster Oven in ReviewTurkey and Pie

I am so happy I bought this thing. I may not use it again until next Thanksgiving, but that is fine with me. Making our biggest gathering and eating day of the year more enjoyable is priceless!

If you do decide to get yourself one, there are definitely more items you can cook in it besides a turkey. I have just not experimented with it, because generally there are only 2 of us eating and we don’t make so may dishes that we can’t fit them in the oven. The guide the roaster comes with says you can actually cook anything in the roaster that you can cook in the oven, including baked goods likes cakes and muffins! I think I will make it a goal this year to try baking some different items in it just for fun.

If you get yourself (or someone else) one of these Oster Roaster Ovens and do find other awesome meals to cook in it I would love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment below. And if you have any other comments, ideas, or suggestions please leave a comment, I love hearing from you guys! Thanks for reading and happy cooking! And of course don’t forget the Hot Sauce!

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2 Comments on “Oster Roaster Oven Review- Save Space and Time”

  1. What you did here is actually an ingenious idea. Getting a not so expensive roaster oven to free up your other main oven to cook another dish or bake some desserts is a great idea. It is true that you may just end up using it less often but since this purchase won’t break your bank one can argue that it’s still worth to buy it. Granted it is more for convenience, but hey cooking for special occasions and events are already stressful enough so any ways that you can reduce the stress I’m sure is always welcome.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks for the kudos! It really has made all the difference, and was totally worth the little bit of cash I had to fork out for it. Having a happier and less stressful holiday is priceless! Thanks for reading 🙂

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