Rose City Pepperheads- Raspberry Habanero Pepper Jelly Review


We recently went on a trip to Seaside, OR, and stopped into a little store downtown that sold Rose City Pepperheads product. After trying a few samples, I decided to buy the Raspberry Habanero Pepper Jelly. Today I am sharing my review on this surprisingly delicious little jar of joy.

Spicy Sweet

To be honest, I am not generally into spicy sweet items. I have tried things like Tabasco Chocolate and Jalapeno Pepper Jellies in the past. Something about them just threw me off, and I didn’t find them tasty. That being said, I wasn’t feeling my prospects were going to be very good with the Pepperheads items.

However, after sampling 4 or 5 of there items, I found that the Raspberry Habanero Jelly caught my attention. So, I bought a small jar and brought it home with us.

What a Find!pepper-jelly-on-an-english-muffin

It has been a couple weeks now, and I am almost out! I totally should have bought a bigger jar. I have been using it sparingly to make it last longer, but I am just gonna have to get a new (bigger) batch really soon. Then I can eat it to my heart’s content.

I have been pretty much just eating it on English Muffins so far. It is so good that way that I haven’t tried it on anything else.

The flavor of the Raspberry in this jelly is perfect. It tastes fresh and delicious. Then, as you are savoring its wonderfulness there comes a surprising twinge of heat.

pepper-jelly-labelIt isn’t like the other spicy sweet things I have tried. It seems they didn’t really try to infuse the flavor of the heat. So you don’t get that weird mix of pepper flavor with your tasty sweetness.

It’s almost as if there are two separate things happening in your mouth at the same time…super yummy jelly and that pleasant tingling of heat that you get from eating something spicy.

It isn’t overwhelming or anything. Just a perfect balance of taste and sensation!

Rose City Pepperheads Raspberry Habanero Pepper Jelly Wrap Up

There really isn’t much more that I can say, other than, You Must Try This Stuff!! No lie, it is really, really good! I looked to see if it could be bought online and found it.  I put a link to their website here so that you can check it out for yourself…

This 3 pack is available on Amazon also

Let me know what you think after you try it. If you try other flavors, let me know what you think about those too, and which ones are your favorites.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please let me know. I would love to hear from you! I will get back to asap. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!



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