Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest and Juanita’s Tortilla Chips Review

The Best Tortilla Chips

Today I am going to let you in on one of my hands-down favorite snacks. These two gems have only entered my life in the past couple years, but I can’t imagine how I lived without them for so long. With this review of Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest and Juanita’s Tortilla Chips you will find out what you’ve been missing, and hopefully feel compelled to run out and get some for yourself!

Local and Organic

Sadly, if you do not live in the Southern Oregon area, you may have trouble finding this salsa. It is made locally, and is available at the local stores I go to that specialize in local and/or organic products. I am not sure how far this product has made it outside of our area, but I am hoping telling the world about it here on my website, gives it a little push in popularity, so that others can get the chance to indulge in this awesome salsa too.Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest

From what I can tell, Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest comes out of little town called Central Point, with their mailing address in Talent, OR. According to it is owned by the Berryman family, but a quote on the container itself lists a Dustin Knapp…not sure who that is. Also, this company has apparently been around for 23 years! Boy have I been missing out!

I love, love, love salsa! I am always trying new brands and styles. In the past couple years, though, I have gotten a lot more into all things organic. My goal to eat chemical free food has led me to spend a lot more time (and money) at specialized stores that focus on organic and local meats, fruit, veggies, etc. And through this I was able to discover, this most delicious and fresh salsa I have ever purchased.

Fresh and Natural

For many years I have made my own Pico de Gallo, but I have yet to figure out how to get it to the point where I would call it salsa instead of a drier Pico type salsa. Don’t get me wrong, it is super tasty, but it doesn’t always give me the moisture I am looking for to accent certain dishes. And that is just one of the reasons why Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest is so awesome.Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest Ingredients

As the container it comes in notes, this product is 100% natural and not cooked, and with that first bite you know that is true. It is so fresh and wonderful. I have no idea why I can’t make it myself. Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough, but most days spending 3 or 4 bucks on a tub of this is way easier than trying to make it myself. Especially when I know it is made locally and naturally.

The only thing I could possibly say negatively about this salsa is that some of the vegetable chunks are pretty big. Most of the time this doesn’t bother me, but if I am using it for say a street taco, I take the bigger chunks out because it affect the texture of my food in a way I am not wanting. But that is not a major sacrifice for the most delicious salsa ever.

Chips and Salsa!

That being said, when this salsa shines the most is when you go back to basics, good ol’ chips and salsa! This is when every chunky, juicy, fresh and wonderful bite makes you fall in love with every mouthful. Oh boy, this stuff is good! I cannot even express how great it is, really.

And this brings me to the second half of this review…the best, most addicting tortilla chips I have ever tasted: Juanita’s Tortilla Chips. These two paired together is truly to die for!

Best Tortilla Chips Ever

I don’t know if you have tried Juanita’s Chips, but if haven’t, you should! Just as with the salsa, these are also made in Oregon. But instead of Southern Oregon, Juanita’s comes from Northern Oregon, near the beautiful Columbia River.Juanita's Tortilla Chips Review

Unlike the salsa, Juanita’s seems to have made its way out of the Pacific Northwest. They are even available on or at I am proud of Juanita’s for their success, they deserve it. They make some barn good tortilla chips! Hopefully they available at your local grocery store. If not the prices on their website are pretty good too.

These chips are perfect. They are light and crisp, but not fragile. They have a bit of oil, which makes the salt stick and somehow makes them seem more fresh than other, drier packaged chip brands. It really fells and tastes like these were made just down the road.

Although I just usually buy their original tortilla chips, they do actually have three additional flavors. These include: Chilipeno, Jalapeno, and Sweet Chili. So far I have tried the Chilipeno, but not the other two. These were also very good chips.

For the purpose of a snack or appetizer of chips and salsa, I prefer the original tortilla chips. No need to have extra flavors to mix with the already superb salsa. But if you just want a tasty chip to eat alone, the Chilipeno are really good. Little bit of spice and tang. A good zippy, light and crispy chip.

One more thing

And for all you gluten intolerant people out there, all their chips are Gluten Free.

One thing that I have noticed over time with Juanita’s is that you need to be careful when opening the bag if you do not plan on eating the whole thing in one sitting. For some reason the bag is fairly easy to tear the wrong way. Even when if you are eating the chips out an already opened bag, you need to be a little delicate with your entry and exit if you don’t want to tear the bag. It is fine before it is opened. It’s not like it just rips open when you pick it up in the store. It is just the top edge tears down once opened easily, so be aware.

When I have torn the bag (which I have done multiple times), I usually just put the remainder in a Rubbermaid (or Tupperware) container to retain freshness if the tear goes too low for a chip clip to cover. (side note- I use this technique for cereal too. I never seem to get through a box without it going stale, so the tupperware trick is a really helpful tip.)

Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest and Juanita’s Tortilla Chips Review In Summary

Salsa Overall Rating: A

Chips Overall Rating: A

If you live in Oregon you should seek out this salsa. I guarantee you will want to buy a case of it once you taste it. It is super fresh! It doesn’t have fake ingredients or preservatives, so it doesn’t have a long shelf life, but it doesn’t matter, because it is nearly impossible not to eat the whole thing in one or two sittings. It is just too good to stop.

The perfect chip to go with this killer salsa is Juanita’s! If you don’t live around here, and you can’t get the salsa, at least you can get Juanita’s Tortilla Chips to go with whatever your current favorite salsas are. This light, perfectly salted, fresh tasting chip also goes great with bean dip or nacho cheese sauce, and makes a great base for your favorite nacho toppings.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and are as hungry for chips and salsa as I am right now! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know. You can leave a comment below or on the contact form in the main menu above, and I will get back to you asap.

15 Comments on “Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest and Juanita’s Tortilla Chips Review”

  1. I thought I was the only one!
    The salsa comes in “Hot” also. I like getting one of each and mixing them , perfect amount of spicy mmm I’m obsessed with this stuff🤤

    1. Oh no, you are definitely not the only one! It is so good! I usually get the “Hot” version myself, but both are awesome! Thanks for sharing your love for the salsa!

  2. We’ve love Juanitas chips and won’t buy anything else. I ran across the salsa and gave it a try. I LOVE IT! I then ran across your site while trying to find the salsa in Grants Pass. These two together are unbeatable! Now I see from your comments, where I can get it!


    1. Awesome! In addition to the places I have previously mentioned, I also recently saw the Hecho in the Pacific Northwest Salsa at Fred Meyer. I was surprised to see it there. I don’t shop there often, as I prefer smaller stores, but still good to know they carry it. Juanitas and Hecho are undeniably delicious! Glad you agree 🙂

  3. YES YES YES!!!! These two are absolutely the best combinations EVER!! Being a Hispanic originally from Southern California this Salsa is absolutely amazing!! I cant get enough of it! And Juanita’s Chips are the best as well!!!

  4. Really Really Really is the best salsa.
    I am in Medford every other couple months. Need to buy more since I can’t get it in Santa Rosa California.
    I can’t remember where I purchased it though.

    1. Here in Grants Pass, it is sold at Cartwright’s and Farmers Market. the Cartwright’s in Medford may also carry it. Probably any organic markets would have it in stock also. Hope you can find it! If not you can totally come get some in Grants Pass!

    2. Also a Santa Rosan, can we coordinate some efforts to a local store to try to get them to start carrying Salsa Hecho? Maybe Olivers or community market? I lived in Ashland for a couple years about a decade ago and my mouth waters to this day every time I think about that salsa. Been trying to find something close made in stores for a while but nothing compares.

    1. It really is the Best! I didn’t realize it had been around that long. I only discovered it a couple years ago. I can’t believe I was missing out for all those years. Thanks a lot for the information. Do you know the owners? How were you able to help make it? That is way cool.

        1. Oh no! I feel for you! It really is the best salsa!I didn’t know about it when I lived in Salem a few years back. It is made down here in Southern Oregon and I am not sure how they deliver it to the stores. I would think your best bet would be to contact Salsa Hecho in Pacific Northwest directly

          Here is their contact info: 4553 Nellis Ave Central Point, Oregon 97502 (541) 665-2846

          If they do sell it somewhere up there, they could tell you who carries it. If they don’t maybe they could start, or even mail you some directly. It is worth a shot! Hope this was helpful…Let me know how it goes. Good luck!!

  5. I couldn’t agree more with this review. As a Portland foodie who bumped into this exact combination while vacationing in southern Oregon, I too was blown away. Salsa is truly to die for, chips a perfect compliment. Great review!

    1. Hi there! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I got all caught up with the Holiday festivities! I am so happy that you have had the opportunity to try this combo…so delicious. I actually have some of the Salsa Hecho in my fridge right now, and what do ya know, I also have some Juanita’s Chips in my cupboard. Better go have a little taste! I make up to Portland a few times a year. I would love to hear any suggestions you have on local foods, especially any local Hot Sauces you may have any inside info on. I love to support Oregon Made products. Thanks for reading!

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