Salsa Varieties

Although my website is about hot sauce and the foods that go best with them, I cannot leave out Salsa. Any spicy loving person like me has got to have a special place in their heart for some good salsa! I guess I do need to define the difference though. To me salsa is generally chunky to some degree, at least much thicker than an average hot sauce. Also, I would say that salsa comes in a tub or jar and hot sauce is in a bottle. Never really thought of it like that before, but that seems pretty accurate. Another defining factor, in my book, is that I usually sprinkle droplets of hot sauce (even though some wide mouth bottles end up surprising me with a much heftier amount than expected), and salsa usually goes on by the spoon full.  If future product tastings leave me wondering if its actually hot sauce or salsa I will figure it out at that point. I can’t wait!


Written by: Jamie
Posted: July 18, 2017

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