Spicy Side Dishes

Side Potatoes

For now, this broad category will include anything that doesn’t fit in with the others.  It will probably will be a lot of starches, like rice, potatoes, pastas etc. and vegetables. As you must know by now, I like everything spicy. Almost everyone i have ever been around for extended periods of time tries to say something to the effect of “…you can’t even taste what your eating because you put hot sauce on everything”. I am assuming if you are reading my words here you share the love for hot sauce and spicy foods and can relate. What those other people don’t seem to realize is that I am not drowning out the taste of the food I am eating, I am just adding a kick to it. That is really the entire purpose of this website. I do not like sauces that eliminate the flavor of what I am eating. Or even worse, a sauce that doesn’t go well with the flavor of the food and taints the deliciousness.  So as with the rest of the food categories here I will be finding my favorite choices for various food items and sharing them with you.

As always, please feel free to share your favorites, or least favorites. If you have any requests for foods for me to try, I would be happy to. I have in my possession at any given time at least 30 different hot sauces (should be listed on the home page) that I would love to sample on anything and report back to you all.

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