Spicy Bologna Sandwich Recipe

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Hello! Thought I would throw in this little yummy thing I invented yesterday.

Every once in a while we decide to buy bologna for a cheap, different at home lunch option. The thing with bologna, at least to me, is it sounds like a great idea, but after I eat one bologna sandwich I’m good for a few months. So I am trying to find some ways to spruce it up.

How to Make Bologna Better

So, yesterday, for my second bologna sandwich this week, I thought I would fry the bologna…nothing genius there, but it does give it a different flavor and texture. And then I thought..hmm…how can improve on this?  So, I came up with this spicy bologna sandwich recipe! I plopped the bologna in the pan. On the top side I put several shakes of the Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce– which has a subtle, but nice flavor, and its pretty spicy. I smeared that around on that side of the bologna. Then I flipped it over to let that cook in. On the other side I decided to pour just a little jalapeno juice from the jar in my fridge on it.

I know, seemed a bit crazy to me too, but I just went with it. Anyhow, I let it get good and browned on both sides and put a piece of american cheese on it to melt a bit for the last minute. Then I took it off and put it on some white bread with mayo and a couple dabs of yellow mustard.

Surprisingly, it was very yummy! The spice came through nicely and helped put a little glaze of sorts on the bologna as it was frying. Also, melting the cheese a little gave it a different dimension.

Anyways, thought  I would share, so you can give it a try if you’d like. Or experiment a little with what ever hot sauces you have. Let me know how it goes and what you used, or how you tweeked this idea!

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