Spicy Country Ribs

Good morning everyone! As promised I grilled up some spicy country ribs last night. They came out great!

What Are Country Ribs?

In case some of you out there don’t know what country style ribs are, they are super meaty, inexpensive cuts of pork. They generally are almost all meat with a couple small bones per strip (usually a big honking strip). I don’t know what I was thinking last night, but I should have taken a picture for you all…won’t make that mistake again!

According to the pork-be-inspired website “Country-style ribs are cut from the sirloin or rib end of the pork loin”, which, from what I can tell, appears to be from somewhere near the top center of the back. (Here is the Wikipedia link in case you would like to learn more about this cut of meat.)
Country Style Ribs

Here is a picture I found that looks pretty similar to what I was cooking last night. This one, however, does not appear to be as well seasoned as mine was. But at least you can get the general idea of what a country rib looks like.

Next time I cook them, I will change out this picture with a picture of my own meat.

Season the Meat

I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper and a little garlic powder. Make sure to use a garlic powder where the garlic hasn’t been pulverized to the consistency of baby powder. At some bulk or health food stores you may want to buy garlic granules instead of powder, otherwise it is too difficult to shake evenly over the surface of your meat.

The picture below shows McCormick brand Garlic Powder. This brand has the perfect sized garlic powder. I like to get the big 12 oz container at Costco. It’s a great deal. But once you have the container, you can also just go to a store that sells bulk spices, scoop some in a little bag, and then refill your container. I do this all the time. It’s usually cheaper and it is better for the environment.

Garlic Powder That's Not too Fine

I always season my meat by the way. I know there are tons of people out there that think if they are putting BBQ Sauce on something it doesn’t need any seasoning. I couldn’t disagree more.

Every year we go to this local cook off. They have themes each day. Like Friday night is brisket, Saturday is tri-tip or chili or both, and Sunday is some other thing. There is usually 10-20 stands with competitors.

Guests can buy punch-cards and sample every booth and then pick their favorite. God knows why we keep going back to this event every year, because the food is terrible. It’s really sad that these people invest all this time and money into such horrible fare.

It should really just be a BBQ Sauce contest, because it doesn’t matter what type of meat it is, they are all way overcooked and don’t even have a speck of salt or flavor, which they then attempt to drown out with whatever BBQ sauce they have. Man it sucks. I can probably count on one hand the number of samples we have actually swallowed and didn’t spit out.

Can’t wait to go again this year! So, anyways, the point of all that is- I believe in seasoning.

Back to the ribs…

BBQ Pork

Grilling and Saucing

So, I seasoned them and put them on the grill out back (I use lump charcoal. I will go into that on another post, another day I am sure).  After getting a nice sear on each side of each of the four hunks of meat I decided on the saucing.

If you’ve read my introduction in my BBQ Sauce menu tab you would know that I haven’t been a big fan of BBQ sauce in the past, but I have recently been trying to open new horizons. Not too long ago I stumbled upon a brand of BBQ sauce called Kinder’s. You may or may not have heard of it, but I highly recommend it.

I decided to use their roasted garlic sauce as a base on 3 of the ribs. I basted one side while still on the grill, and let it soak in a bit, then flipped and did the other side and set them to the edges of the grill to caramelize.

My other half is a bit of a wimp on the spicy stuff sadly, so I sometimes have to make two versions of our meal…Kinder’s also makes a XXX Extra Hot BBQ sauce that I love, so I loaded it up on top of one of the roasted garlic sauced ribs and let cook.

Upon removal we now had two roasted garlic BBQ sauced ribs, one roasted garlic with the XXX, and one I left plain to try other hot sauces on later.

The roasted garlic sauce is delicious and a wonderful base for the XXX. It is not super garlicky and not overly sweet, just really great. Definitely one of the best BBQ sauces I have ever tasted. The XXX is awesome! Has a really good kick to it and kind of a mild smokey flavor. The two together are super flavorful and spicy! Awesome!

Hot Sauce Recommendations

Finally, with the unsauced (but seasoned) rib I did taste testing with. I tried it with six of the hot sauces I have in my fridge right now (see My List of Hot Sauces post on the Home Page).  I went with Hellacious Hot Sauce, Tajin, Trader Joe’s Habanero, Sante Fe, La Anita X-hot grilled, and Dancing Bear Moderate Hot Pepper sauce.

Out of all of these I really liked the Tajin and La Anita best with this flavor profile.

Tajin and La Anita

The Tajin has a little lime flavor to it and it complemented the simply seasoned pork very well. I’ll admit I ate several bites with the Tajin hot sauce on it. Its not very spicy at all, but does have a great chili flavor.

Growing up in the Los Angeles area I got hooked on Limon packets when I was a kid.  They are basically a serving of salt with lime flavor on it- delicious and addictive, and I’m sure terrible for you. But if you ever had these, Tajin tastes almost exactly like their cousin Pica Limon- which is Limon with chili added. Also yummy and addictive.

The La Anita X-Hot Grilled Pepper Sauce is a little gem I happened to come upon a couple months back. We were out getting lost in the middle of nowhere and came upon a little market and decided to go in for a bottle of water.

Being the hot sauce freak that I am, I checked to see what they had. And to my surprise they had this La Anita Hot Sauce that I hadn’t ever tried.  So I bought it.  It is nice and spicy and has a very unique flavor.  I’ve tried it on few things now and have really loved it on almost everything that doesn’t have a ton of flavor to begin with. It does have a distinct flavor that does not mesh well with some other flavors, but on the country style ribs last night it was awesome!

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up my taste adventure from last night. Next time I will take pictures! Feel free to comment on anything, or add suggestions or questions. Also, I found a link to the Tajin and La Anita sauces. I couldn’t find the La Anita X-hot by itself, but I’m actually very excited to see this 4 pack with three other flavors I have never tried.  I can’t wait to try them out! Just click here to see any of the hot sauces mentioned in this article on my hot sauce shop page!




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12 Comments on “Spicy Country Ribs”

  1. Yummy yummy in my tummy them ribs look really good. I’ve never seen garlic powder either but that stuff looks like the real deal. What kind of grill do you usually use for your meat? I’ve seen a lot of good ones on amazon but I’m not really sure which ones are the most useful. Anything with word habanero makes me want to cringe!!

    1. Hi Josh. You have never seen garlic powder? Wow, you are missing out. I hope you get some soon. I put it on pretty much everything. To answer your question about the grill, I use a charcoal grill. I have actually done a review on the grill I use. You can check it out at .

      Habaneros are pretty hot little peppers. Too hot for most people I would guess. But, thankfully, there are plenty of milder peppers out there. I hope the grill article helps you out. If have any other questions, please let me know, and make sure you get yourself some garlic powder : )

  2. It looks really delicious and I will definitely try it. Right now I live in suburbs of Thailand and I am sure I won’t find any bbq sauce. Do you have any alternative for me?

    1. Hello. Thanks for your comment. You live in Thailand? I do not really know what would be available there, but you should be able to get any of the sauces I mentioned online. You can check out my product page called Hot Sauce Shop. It is in the menu at the top of this page.

      I bet they have some wonderful hot sauce varieties there in Thailand also. I would actually love to hear about them! If you have tried anything spicy and delicious that you could suggest, I would try to find them online also so that I could try them.

      Thanks again, Hope to hear back from you.

  3. That Tajin sauce sounds like a must try. I absolutely love ribs and love hot sauces, but normally I stick with a standard BBQ sauce when I make mine. I’ve never really gone the hot and spicy route on my ribs, but this article has made me lean toward giving it a try on my next rack. Thanks for the run down on the sauces as well!

    1. Glad I could inspire you to try something new! If you want to come back and let us know how it goes that would be great! I really like how I did it last time with some BBQ sauce and some not. It’s really fun to have a variety of flavor in the same meal and takes no effort at all.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I love RIBS! What type of BBQ do you use? Are ribs best cooked slowly or fast? As you can see, I love eating them, but my knowledge of cooking them is a little limited 🙂 Cheers, Karen

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for the comment. I love ribs too! Many people choose to slow smoke ribs (and pretty much all meats), but that isn’t really my favorite and I don’t have a smoker. I use a regular old charcoal BBQ…So when I cook ribs I like to get a nice sear on the outside, not charred, but definitely color all over it. Then I set them to the sides, off the flame to cook for a while nice and slow. I find this method gives them good flavor, but keeps them juicy and tender.
      Hope that helps a little. Good luck with you future rib adventures! Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. Very well written article. Do you truly believe that charcoal gives a better flavor profile than does electric, or gas? Isn’t the flavor profile built by the wood used more so than the charcoal? If you were to use cheap charcoal, wouldn’t it ruin the meat as compared to quality chips with an electric smoker?

    1. Hi Michael! Thanks for the comment and questions. I plan to post later on my opinion on types of grills, but I can give a quick reply here. Everyone has their preference, and it can be based on many factors. I have tried propane, wood chips and charcoal in the past. I prefer charcoal.

      Basically wood chips or smokers give the meat that smoke infused taste, which I do not particularly care for. Propane, in my experience, doesn’t give it that fire licked sear that tastes so good. So for those reasons (and a few others I will go into on a later date) I choose good ol’ fashion charcoal.

      As for the charcoal itself- I had a friend a while back who worked at a place that packaged and distributed charcoal. He told me that all the charcoal was the same. They would take the same batches (depending on style ie ridges, no ridges etc) and put them into different brand bags- everything from cheapest brand to Kingston was all the same stuff!

      Hope that answers your questions. Thanks for asking. Please check back in for more in depth posts on related topics.

  6. Interesting article! How long does it usually take someone’s palette to become accustomed to hot sauces? I usually avoid them because it just overpowers my taste buds, and I just wind up chugging water instead of eating. I do grill a lot however, and my smoked ribs are very nice! What would be a good “starter” hot sauce for smoked ribs?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading and asking great questions! I grew up eating spicy food, so I’ve never had to adjust to it. However,  I have been in a relationship for 7 yrs now with someone who does not have a high tolerance at all.  Over the years it has gotten much better though.  Basically I recommend starting with very small doses of medium spicy sauces.  Also, a lot of people claim milk helps to ease any stomach issues one might blame on the spicy food.  It definitely appears to get easier to tolerate with exposure- at least in my household.

      As for a good starter sauce…hmm…I don’t do a lot of smoked food…but something on the milder side that I think goes well with most meats would possibly be the Trader Joe’s Jalapeno pepper sauce. Even though its jalapeno is has a dark red color. I usually prefer the more dark red sauces on steak or pork in general.  One good starter sauce would be the Tabasco Chipotle. It’s much milder than regular Tabasco and has a nice smokey chipotle flavor that goes good with grilled meat. 

      Hope I answered your questions. If have anymore feel free to let me know.

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