Spicy Jello Shots- How to Make The Perfect Jello Shot


Jello Shots always add a fun element to a party…and sometimes they can even totally make the party by giving it that little spark needed to get things rolling. As a spicy food lover, and with the popularity of Jalapeno Margaritas and Habanero Moscow Mules these days, why not venture out there and make some Spicy Jello Shots!?!

Don’t Get Crazy

I was a bartender for about 8 years or so, and spent even more years just bar hopping or chilling with the locals. Throughout my experiences I have sampled my fair share of Jello Shots, and let me tell you, not all Jello shots are created equal.Happy Face

There are two major problems that people seem to have with making these exciting little treats. And sadly these seem to be the case more often than not…They are either too solid and weak, or too strong and liquidy. A perfect Jello Shot will not be either of these, but a perfect mix of Jello-y goodness with the right amount of alcohol.

Of course the point of a shot of any type, is to get a buzz on, but hopefully you still want it to taste good (otherwise you can just take a shot of straight liquor).

And you don’t wanna be stingy and give someone a solid, seemingly alcohol free Jello Shot– that’s lame.

How To Make A Shot The Right Way

Most other online recipes are totally wrong. You will end up with super firm, very weak shots, as mentioned above. Chewy jello is just gross. It is supposed to be a jiggly and light delight, not watery, and definitely not tough.

Choosing your Jello Shot flavorcherry-jello

If you are throwing a party, not everyone will agree on their favorite jello flavor. You can try making several batches of different flavors if you want. It really depends on how big of a party you are having. However, if you are going to with one flavor you want to go with something that most people will be ok with and enjoy. Personally, in all my years bartending, I have found that either Black Cherry, regular Cherry, or the Berry Blue are the most widely accepted. Lime and Orange are the most disliked- fair warning.

In the bar, whenever I made my jello shots, they sold out. No matter how many batches I made. But most of the time when one of my co-workers made the shots instead of me we wouldn’t sell out. Why? Because they wouldn’t listen to me. They would use nasty flavors that most people don’t like, or tweak the recipe so the shots were the wrong consistency.

The Secret to the Perfect Jello Shot

Honestly, I think the biggest thing that sets my delicious jello shots apart from everyone else’s is that I use cold juice instead of cold water. People always rant and rave about how mine are the best they have ever had.

The flavor, perfect potency, and consistency are what set mine apart from the rest. You will be the hit of the party with these. I guarantee it!juice-for-jello-shots

Party goers really will love these, so plan on each person wanting at least 3 sometime throughout the party. I often load up a tray and go around offering them to people. And once they have had one they will start approaching me and asking me for more.

This recipe makes about 38, so plan accordingly.

Don’t be fooled though, just because these are yummy doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. Everyone can get pretty tipsy, pretty fast if you let them eat them like candy.

Perfect cup for jello shots

What you will need:

2  6 oz packages of your favorite Jello flavor

2.5 cups boiling water

1 bottle of vodka (750 ml)

2 cups chilled juice (I recommend pineapple juice, or blend that contains it. It really makes for a tasty shot!)

40 2 oz portion cups (with lids is highly recommended)

A pitcher or large glass bowl

Also, a scoop or cup with a pour spout makes life easier

Making It Spicyjalapenos

A day or so before you plan to make your jello shots slice up some jalapenos and put them into your bottle of vodka. Just them soak in there and infuse into the liquor. You could use habaneros instead for an even spicier shot!

Make sure to strain the vodka before you make the shots, so there isn’t any awkward little chunks in your shots.

Directions-How to make the Perfect Jello Shot

I like to use a big cookie sheet and lay out as many portion cups on it as will fit. I do this before making the jello. You don’t want your jello mix to sit for a long time after it is put together, or it may start to solidify.

Warning: Jello will stain anything it touches. So, you should lay something down over your counter that liquid won’t soak through (ie not paper towels). Even though the cookie sheet will catch most of what you will inevitably accidentally spill, better safe than sorry. If you do get any on your table top, Simple Green seems to work fairly well at getting the stain out.

In a pitcher or large bowl, Combine the boiling water with the jello powder. You need to real stir it for a while and get the powder dissolved to avoid grainy chunks. Take your time and stir for at least 3 minutes.

Then pour in the juice. Keep stirring.

Then pour in a fifth of vodka. Stir.jello-shots

Now, I have found that it is a lot easier, and way less messy if you use a scoop of some sort. Just dip the scoop into your bowl, and scoop up some of the jello liquid you have created and pour it into the 2 oz portion cups. Leave about 1/8-1/4 inch space from the rim in each cup.

Once you have filled all the cups on the cookie sheet, put the lids they came with on them. Then stack them up 2 high, and lay out the rest of the portion cups on the cookie sheet to finish filling.

With this recipe you should end up with about 38 jello shots, plus or minus 1 depending on how big of a mess you make.

Once they are all full, put the remaining lids on and place entire sheet in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Cups and Lids
Do not use this kind of cup

The lids make this whole process much easier and cleaner. Also, they keep the jello shots fresher and don’t allow that jello skin to form on the top.

Another thing I have run across recently is a different shape of jello shot cups. The shorter, wider standard 2 oz portion cups are by far the way to go. I was forced to buy these other cups last time, as I was in a hurry and it was all they had. They were shaped liked mini solo cups, but clear.

These mini cups are cute, but they are not efficient. It is much harder to get the lids on them without spilling. They also have a higher center of gravity, and are much easier to accidentally knock over when filling. I made a quite a mess in my kitchen last time with them. I was not happy.

Then, after you make it past all of that, they are really hard to get the jello out of with your tongue. They are too long and narrow for the average person. You have squeeze and suck and you still can’t really get it all out. Plus, many people like to take their shots in 2 or more chunks. With the taller cups, if you don’t get it all out at once it is really impossible to get the bottom half out. Then you have people with smaller mouth’s gagging on this giant wad of jello in their mouth…just believe me…go for the standard 2 oz portion cup. I will try to put a link on here for where to buy them.

Let the Party Begin

Ok! You have made your wonderful little alcohol treats. Time to party!

Keep them refrigerated until you are ready to serve them. If they sit out for too long (which isn’t very long- I wouldn’t leave them out for even 30 minutes) they will start to liquefy.

Top Off your Jello Shotswhipped-cream

People get really excited when you top them off with a dollop of Whipped Cream! Not only does it make them look fancier, but that little pop of sugar and cream really pairs well with the jello. If you don’t have any, don’t freak out. But if you can get some, it is totally worth it.

Just make sure you add the whipped cream just before you serve the shots. If you do it too far ahead of time the whipped cream will melt. Which is very disappointing.

This may sound like a lot of work, but really it is quite easy if you have the right stuff ahead of time. You will love the results! Have fun! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment below. Talk to you soon.





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