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It’s summer time people! And if you are like me, you love to grill. In honor of my love of the charcoal grill, I decided to share with you all some of the best charcoal grills out there this season! I am actually ready for a new one myself and needed to do some shopping around and thought I should just share what I have learned to save you all some time. This is actually Part I of a three part series. This review will break down the super nice Blaze 32″ Charcoal Grill called the Blz-4_char.

Right now we actually have two grills at home. One for backyard BBQ fun, and one for when we are hanging out in front, playing in the game room (also known as the garage). But we have had both of them quite a while, and we grill a lot (like 3 or 4 times a week usually- rain or shine), so the bottoms of them are kind of burning out.

I am looking for a free standing charcoal grill with adjustable rack height (once you’ve had this, you can’t go back) and a removable tray (for easy clean up). Also, it must have side tables, that can preferably fold down (makes it easier to move around when needed). Other than that I am open to whatever, so here goes…

I thought I would look at some high end, fancy BBQ’s all the way down to a more classic style. These reviews will be trickling out as I can get them done. So, it will actually be sort of a series of reviews. I have found that Blaze makes some really great, durable grills.

So for my first BBQ grill review we will be looking at one of their top of line grills…

Blaze 32″ Charcoal Grill Blz-4-char
 This grill has a lifetime warranty, which is awesome. It would be really nice to get yourself the perfect grill and know that it will last you forever.  I have to say, this is one of the most expensive charcoal grills I have ever seen…so I thought I would dive in and try to figure out why.

While researching this grill I did come upon several other reviews. Everything I read seemed pretty positive. It seems to be the consensus that this grill is well built and durable, and apparently priced quite well to comparable grills. Not to mention, it has that lifetime warranty, which explains part of the price right there.


This grill does meet my adjustable rack and removable ash pan criteria, that’s awesome!

It also splits the cooking rack into 4 pieces, so you can add wood or charcoal in whatever quadrant you need to. This seems like it could be handy. I think I would like it for scooting the charcoal over when I need more area that isn’t directly above coals.

It has a vent in the back

It has a temperature gauge on the hood. I have never actually had a grill with this feature. I don’t think I would use it the way you are supposed to, but it would be really fun to have. We love thermometers! I actually think we have one in every room. That’s hilarious…anyways, it would be great to have one on our grill. (I really want one of those lasers that read the heat of any surface you point it at! Super awesome!)

Also, it is double lined for extra durability. They say this also helps it not get discolored over the years.

The cart allows for storage and adds the shelves on the sides for counter space.

Another feature that may attract people to this grill is the Add-Ons

I have found that you can get an infrared grilling add on. It is nice that they offer this as an attachment. Being able to play around with the infrared burner would be fun. The advantages are that it cooks at a very high temperature. Some say this is helps with getting a quick sear, but it seems this depends on who you talk to. It would be exciting to try it out and form your own opinion though! And with this attachment you can use it when you want and aren’t locked into it as you would be if you just bought and infrared grill.

They also have a rotisserie attachment you can buy. This would also be a really fun thing to play around with. A few years back I had a roommate that had this little rotisserie toaster oven thing. I loved it! I cooked everything in there.

Wrapping up my Blaze Charcoal Grill Review

Below I posted links to the Charcoal grill with cart and the two attachments I mentioned. Even though I prefer charcoal I thought I would also show that they offer a built in model that has the option of being natural gas or propane. And this version includes an infrared burner and grill lights.

It does sound like this grill is pretty great. If I was in a totally different financial bracket than I am actually in, I would definitely consider purchasing this BBQ…but back to reality. I am going to have to find something a little less pricey and probably a lot more basic. But I did kind of talk myself into wanting to try the infrared and rotisserie gadgets…maybe I can find something a bit less expensive that still has these features.

The search continues…

Update: Please check out Part II of the Best Charcoal BBQ Reviews featuring some unique styles to spruce up your summer party, and Part III which focuses on my favorite BB Grill- Basic, Inexpensive, and Designed to do it all!

Please free to post any comments, questions, or suggestions below. I would love to hear from you!





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    1. Thanks for checking out my review! I am glad you found it helpful. I also took a look at your website. You have some really interesting items, especially your charcoal products. I would love to try them. I may try to order some soon. Thanks for the comment!

  1. Wow, that is impressive. I have always heard good things about charcoal grilles and now I’m tempted to buy one. I don’t know much about them aside from what I hear but now I can’t wait to try one. This one being the best is a little above my needs but the concept is still appealing. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Thanks for your comments! I have been working on presenting some less expensive alternatives. I actually hope to get that article posted today. So make sure to check back in to see what other options are out there that I can recommend for you. Charcoal is really great, hope you give it a try soon.

  2. Wow this looks like a nice grill, although as you say very expensive for a charcoal grill. I would be interested to hear your opinion about the pros and cons of charcoals grills vs gas grills. We have owned both types at one time or another but I always change my mind as to which I prefer.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I will take your advice and work on a piece about the pros and cons of charcoal vs gas. That was something I actually meant to do a while ago and forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me! I have always preferred charcoal, but there are definitely benefits to both. Check back soon to read that comparison piece. Can’t wait to work on it!. Thanks again!

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