Underwater Light Show- Pool Decor Review

Underwater Light Show Review

I always have my eye out for ways to add some fun and ambiance to my backyard. If you are looking to jazz up your pool, this little addition is really cool and inexpensive. In case you have been wondering how you too can add some life and light to your pool without a big investment check out this pool decor review on the Underwater Light Show!

A Little History

I first bought one of these probably 7 years ago. It looked pretty cool and it was only around 10 bucks, so I thought I’d give it a try. As soon as I saw it do its thing in my pool, I was so glad I purchased it!

Above Ground Pool DecorThe first one I bought lasted 3 summers. It may have even lasted longer, but I left it out in the weather the last winter. The plastic dome ended up getting a little foggy because of my lack of proper care. It wasn’t really a big deal though, because, as I mentioned, it was very inexpensive. So, I just bought another one when summer started. The second one I bought I had about 4 years, but again, last year I neglected it and it didn’t work when I went to use it this year.

But, no worries. If I have to spend around $10 every 3 or 4 years for tons of pleasure, I can do that. With that said, I bought my 3rd one at the beginning of this season. Since it has brought me joy every day again this summer, I thought I should share my joy and do a post about it. Now you too can know the awesomeness of this novelty and get yourself one!

Simple and DelightfulLight Modes

There just couldn’t be an easier way to add some sparkle to your backyard. You just open the box, insert AA batteries, and it’s ready to go! And you don’t need fancy expensive batteries. I use the cheapo batteries from the dollar store. So, I use 50 cents worth of batteries. I haven’t even had to change them out every year. What a bargain!

The Underwater Light Show has several different settings for your enjoyment. It works much like a fancy string of Christmas lights. You can have it on a slow fade of each color, or all colors. It can flicker or sparkle, fast or slow. The colors are very vibrant and shine out in about a 10 foot diameter.

We have a 15 foot diameter above ground pool, and the light takes up the majority of the pool area. If we had a big in ground pool I would probably get two of them. Then they could dance around together, and make an even more spectacular show!

Underwater Light Show in Review

I like to watch DIY and HGTV shows. I have seen how much people spend on getting cool lighting features installed in their pools. If you have the money and the time to get an awesome glow in the dark pool, then you should totally go for it! It is my dream to someday be able to do that for our yard. But if you are like most of us, and that is just a lottery dream, I recommend this Underwater Light Show.Underwater Light Show Review

This is by no means as spectacular as that dream pool, but it still pretty darn cool. It will light up your yard and your eyes with delight. If you have kids they will surely be amazed! Its like Christmas in your pool! I included the “Game Underwater Light Show” that I have, and some other, fancier versions by the same company that I saw on Amazon. I already know they make at least one great, long lasting product. So I would assume they put the same quality into their other pool lights as well. They seem to all have pretty great reviews across the board.

Next time I am totally getting the one with the fountain! I had not seen it before. I may just get it anyways, even though my light is still like brand new. I would LOVE to see a floating, light up fountain in my pool! It does cost quite a bit more…but it would be so cool! I will do an update to this post as soon as I get one, and let you all know how wonderful it is. (If you already have one, it would be great if you would leave a comment below, and tell us about it!)

There is really not much I can say. This thing is fun, and you and your family will love it! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you asap. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!




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