WellPatch Capsaicin Pain Relief Patch vs Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patch

WellPatch Capsaicin Pain Relief Patch

If you have made you way to this article I gather that you are aware of some of the health benefits of chili peppers and the capsaicin they contain. There are many products out there trying to bring these benefits to the public. So, I thought I should take some time and do a comparison on the WellPatch Capsaicin Pain Relief Patch vs the Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patch.

These are the two most widely used main stream patches containing capsaicin, so I wanted to see how they stack up to one another.

Both of these patches attempt to harness some of the pain relief power of capsaicin. The ultimate goal is to find a convenient and easy to use patch that relieves sore muscles, joint pain, and body aches while allowing the user mobility using a natural pain killer.

WellPatch Capsaicin Pain Relief Patch

(This comes with 3 boxes of 4 packets=12 patches for $31.95 smaller quantities are available also)

Uses and Explanation of Product

The WellPatch Capsaicin patch says it is to be used for minor aches and pains caused by strains, sprains, arthritis, joints, backaches, and nerve pain.

Capsaicin is the chemical in hot peppers that makes your body perceive the pepper as spicy when you eat one. It can also be used as a pain reliever for aches, pains, and wounds as it has been for many centuries.Capsaicin Peppers

It is a natural and odorless, making it a great alternative to other chemicals often used in heat patches. This is a huge benefit to using capsaicin patches over standard pain relief patches. I don’t know about you, but that menthol, medicine smell that comes from other products can be almost too much to bare at times.

I mean you end up wearing and smelling these things for several hours at a time. And some times for several days, depending on your ailment.

Last time I used the regular Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches it was horrible. And not only for me, but also anyone around me.

A year or so ago I had someone sitting next to me at work who was a dedicated user of the Salonpas patches. It was miserable for me. It was all I could smell every minute of everyday at work for weeks. How I wish she had switched to the capsaicin patches!!

Duration and Mobility

It is made to last up to 8 hours and the effectiveness of the product increases with regular use. The patch size comes in at 4.75″ (12 cm) x 7″ (17.78 cm).

The really great thing about this patch in particular is that the whole patch sticks to wherever you place it. Unlike other patches that just have adhesive around the edges that easily fall off with movement, the full coverage here makes it great for even those with a more active lifestyle.

They also stay on really well when sleeping and last through the night, which is awesome.

One thing to be aware of with these is that when you first apply it, it feels strangely cold, but just give it a minute and it starts to heat up really nicely.


A negative to these patches are that they are only .025% capsaicin. So they are by no means “all natural”. Really they are just more natural than other related products on the market.

I am currently still searching for an all natural alternative to try out, or at least more than 2.5% natural. As soon as I do, you all will be the first to know.

But even though they are not totally all natural, they still have that precious ingredient that really makes a big difference. It seems to really add something that makes these work better than the standard heat patches out there.

One other downside to these is that they are a bit pricier than other patches I have tried. But on the upside, if they work really well for you you may not have to continue to use them all the time like some of the others.

Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patch

(This comes with 10 patches for $17.20- also available in smaller quantities)

Uses and Explanation of Product

This product says it intended uses are for aching muscles and joints, strains and sprains, bruises, backaches, and arthritis pain.

Although these two patches don’t list exactly the same problems they are built to alleviate, I think it safe to assume both of them should be geared towards relief for the same issues. So, both lists should be a goal for both products.

These patches, just like the WellPatch patches contain .025% capsaicin. Just to clarify, Capsicum is the genus of plants that peppers belong to. Capsaicin is the chemical that many of the plants in this genus produce.Capsicum genus

I am not sure why they decided to call this a “Capsicum” patch when capsaicin is the active ingredient here. You probably won’t find someone rubbing a potato, tomato, or eggplant on themselves for pain relief. These are all also members of this genus, so not the most accurate product name.

The name aside, this patch is the same as the WellPatch in the amount of capsaicin and being odorless. It is slightly larger at 5.12″ (13 cm) x 7.09″ (18 cm). So, a little less than 1/2 an inch wider one way, an about the same the other direction. Not much difference, but both are pretty good sized in the world of pain relief patches.

The standard Salonpas patches I have used in the past are only 2.83″ (7 cm) x 1.81″ (4.5 cm). That makes these capsaicin patches substantially bigger, which is I really appreciate. Piecing together 6 to 10, or even more, patches all over my back is not a fun ordeal.

Duration and Mobility

Again, these are meant to give you up to 8 hours of heating pain relief. However, they seem to take quite a while to kick in. I even read quite a few reviews from other people claiming theirs never even heated up at all.

The duration though, once it finally gets going can last even longer than 8 hours, but these patches do not seem to stick as well as WellPatch.

So, a patch that lasts a long time while it is laying on the floor or floating around in your shirt or pants doesn’t do much good. Some people reported resorting to using tape to make them stay on.

If you want to be able to move around while this patch is on, it may or may not work out. It is kind of the luck of the draw on if you get a good batch or not.


Well, the section above on pretty much points out the downsides to this product. It doesn’t always stick well, which can make it hard to move around.

On the upside however, these patches are less expensive than the WellPatch…possibly for good reason. If you find that they work for you then the cost is a big plus.

Final Report

Best Capsaicin Pain Relief PatchFrom reading my above report it is probably pretty obvious that I prefer the WellPatch Capsaicin Pain Relief Patches over the Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patches.

They are both odorless and have a large surface area.

They both have the same active ingredient and same potency.

The Wellpatch stays on way better and has a more reliable heat up time, but it costs more.

The Salonpas patch is less expensive and may last longer. But it also may not stay on, and may not heat up in a timely matter, if at all.

For me the choice is WellPatch all the way. Cost is always a consideration for me when buying a product, but I also do not want to waste money on something that isn’t going to do what I need it to do…especially if I am in pain.

With that said, a lot of people still use the Salonpas Capsicum Patches. So it is up to. If you click on the images in the post it will take you to their page on amazon.com where you can read other reviews besides mine, or check out the current pricing.

In my opinion I don’t think that there is a big enough quantity of capsaicin in either of these patches to really consider capsaicin as the healing element.

For me, the reason these work for pain relief is the same reason why any pain relief heat patch works…the heat. However, the one main advantage to these patches is that they are odorless. And that is a huge advantage, as I mentioned earlier, not only for you, but for the people around you.

Many, many people do claim that they get better relief from the capsaicin patches than the standard ones. So, it is really a personal preference, or just how your body reacts to them. I think it is worth a try for anyone with chronic pain.

If either one of these capsaicin patches end up being what makes you feel better, then that is all that matters. If you aren’t finding relief with what you are using now, it can’t hurt to give them a try.

I will definitely be continuing my search for a more comprehensive capsaicin pain relief product. So, keep checking back for new information.

If you are interested in learning more about other health benefits of chili peppers and capsaicin check out this article on the Health Benefits of Chili Peppers.

I hope this article helped you, and I wish you quick and long lasting relief of whatever pain you are experiencing.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or experiences to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.





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