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Grilled Steak

Although my goal is to find the best hot sauces to complement each of the foods I eat, my true nemesis has been finding what I consider the perfect hot sauce for steak. Many years ago (maybe 2003?) I had a hot sauce a friend’s house. We had grilled up some steaks and were having some drinks. Then they pulled out this hot sauce…it was delicious, but seriously spicy. We could each only handle a couple drops at a time. Sadly, I did not get the name of that elusive sauce, but it did lead me to where I am today- still in pursuit of the perfect hot sauce for steak.

I love steak, so I gave it it’s own category. I’m still working out exactly what sections I am going to have, but for now “steak” will include basically all beef except hamburger or something like an all beef hot dog for example.


Pork Spare Ribs

I realize Pork is a bit of a broad category. I will probably add subcategories to this and a couple of the other menu options soon…

July 17, 2017- Tonight I am going cheap and grilling up some country style pork ribs (on sale for $1.77/lb today!). I look forward to posting how the tastings go. It may actually end up spilling over into the BBQ sauce category. As I am just starting out with this site it may take me a little while to really get the feel for the right way to report everything, but I am looking forward to the adventure!


BBQ Chicken Wings

Everyone knows about the Original Franks on chicken wings (which I love), but I plan to find out which other, lesser known, hot sauces taste best chicken of all varieties.

Many reviews and posts to come…off to go sample some sauces now. Will be back soon. Feel free to comment in the meantime.


Grill Seafood

Mmm…just thinking about all the flavor possibilities with this category is making my mouth water! We did an oyster cookout a few weeks ago and I tried quite a few hot sauces there, but I hadn’t decided to start documenting anything yet back then. So, I guess I will just have to twist my own arm and have another oyster fest.

We also live very close to a pond and a river where we go fishing all the time. I guess fresh water fish aren’t technically “seafood”, but I’m gonna go ahead and put them in this category for now anyway. The main kinds of fish around here, that I am aware of, are trout, bass, crappies, salmon, and steelhead.

Now that I have started this site I sure hope my fishing skills get better so I have some fresh caught fish to sample. I also live close enough to the coast to have access to actual seafood. Dungeness crab is very popular here, along with all the other usual west coast (Pacific Ocean) sea dwellers. (It was brought to my attention that I should mention here that I do not eat all sea dwellers- ie. no dolphin on my table…just in case there was any confusion)


hamburger ground beef

Although hamburger is ground beef, I do not feel it fits in with the rest of the cow. It’s actually a little difficult for me to even have a separate category for it. Other than making actual hamburgers any other thing I use hamburger in really kind of falls in some other area. For example, tacos, I would put in Mexican Cuisine…well actually that could be ground beef or shredded beef.

Well, anyways, I will figure out how to categorize everything as I go. Also, I intend on linking everything, so it’s not confusing. If you click on “Hamburger” in the drop down menu above, it will take you to the hamburger section, where I will post anything that contains hamburger. And for example- if it happens to be a taco, the post will also appear in the Mexican section, and even possibly the Salsa category too.


Written by: Jamie
Posted: July 24, 2017

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  1. Would love to see some tried and true recipes. Some with spice some without as not all of my family likes all the same sauce. Great website though!

    1. Not everyone in my house likes the same sauce or same spice levels either. That is what is really great about hot sauce. Each person can have their own personal favorites, and they can add them as they wish to their own plate. When I used to cook for just myself I made pretty much every meal spicy, but now I have to tone it down to please others and add my own heat after the fact. And sometimes I just spice a portion for myself and cook it separately.

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